Historically Used In an Exclusive Sense, This Blog Aims to Explore What God's Up To Inside & Outside the Institutional Church

About Moi…

Cyprian’s phrase “extra ecclessiam nulla salus” referred to the high orthodox theology of the church centuries ago. In these days of consumer churchianity and a wide variety of vendors of spiritual goods and services a high view of the church has fallen on hard times, yet God is still up to many things inside and outside the traditional walls of the institutional church. Jesus put it this way – “my Father is still working and I also am working” (Jn. 5:17).  That’s what I’d like to talk about plus what else is happening in our world today.

I have pastored for around 23 years and currently work as a substance abuse counselor. I enjoy leading worship, theology, writing, teaching and traveling – I have especially enjoyed visiting Europe, and Central and South America.

Born into a Catholic/ Salvation Army mix, I was raised in the Episcopal church, educated by Jesuits, graduated from Denver Seminary, ordained an American Baptist & spent 9 months at Global Awakening’s School of Ministry – how’s that for an exotic blend! I’ve chanted psalms with Benedictines, sang hymns in a proper and orderly fashion with the Reformed, and in an less “orderly” fashion with my Brazilian brothers from Casa de Davi. My favorite writers include the Puritans Jonathan Edwards, John Owen, Thomas Watson and (more recently) Thomas Oden. Teachers & preachers that inspire me include Charles Spurgeon, &  John Piper.


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