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Should Only Governments Have Vehicles of Mass Destruction?


A new anti-weapons lobby group called “Only Governments Should Have Weapons” issued a statement concerning the car attack on the Capitol on Thursday – “once again we are faced with the attempt to use a weapon of mass destruction against innocent people. We call on all leaders and law enforcement officials to work to enact licensing of these dangerous weapons before more people are killed. Furthermore, we want to see owners of these lethal weapons licensed as well including background checks along with the obligation of having liability insurance. These innocent looking vehicles are actually a steel & gasoline disaster waiting to happen and a threat to civil peace when hurtling along at 60 plus mph by deranged drivers. It is the height of irresponsibility that the manufacturers of these dangerous weapons continue to profit at the public’s expense. How long must these incidents happen and the toll in loss of life go on before action is taken?”


When the spokeswoman was informed that these measures had already been taken the organization had no comment except to repeat the statement with a louder volume and more shrill voice.


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