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Things Jesus Did Not Do…


“He presented himself alive to them after his suffering by many proofs, appearing to them during forty days…” Acts 1:3

Jesus had defeated death. He had conquered the tomb. He had defeated the power of sin and Satan. Yet of all the things Jesus could have done its clear what Jesus did NOT do after his resurrection:

  • He didn’t write a book, go on tour, or hold a conference  – Given his experience of death & resurrection surely a major branding push was in order!
  • He didn’t start a building program – Given his experience he could have been the new show in town and started up something cool & exciting to reach those who weren’t being reached by the old fuddy-duddy Temple crowd.
  • He didn’t “cast a vision*,” start a 5 year plan, get organized, strategize, research his demographics or market, form a board, elect officers, write by-laws or make Robert’s Rules of Order his decision making guide.
  • He didn’t send the disciples to seminary. He didn’t say “ok boys, you need to go away to study for 3 years, get some credentials, go into debt and then we’ll see if you can do this apostolic thing.”

What did he do? He was with them. He taught them. He opened the scriptures to them. He promised power to them. He gave authority to them. He promised his eternal presence. He promised the Spirit who would give visions. He commanded them to continue to do what he had been doing with them already in his power, in his name, in his authority.

Sounds simple enough to me.  Why make it so hard?

(For a more in-depth consideration you might enjoy this by Carl Trueman on celebrity & the Evangelical Industrial Complex)



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