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Off the Book Shelf

One of the pleasures of getting older is reading what I enjoy rather than what is supposed to the fad of the month in Christendom. I have only turned a few pages of “A Puritan Theology-Doctrine for Life” by Joel Beeke & Mark Jones and have found it an impressive treasury of Reformed thought that demonstrates the depth of spirituality & practice of the Puritan era which is perhaps the high point of Reformed theology.  Here you will find no branded bullet points or tweet sized pragmatism but depth, wisdom and serious consideration of the greatness of God and his saving power. I have used it already to help in preparation & quoted it in a sermon.  It will also introduce you to the less well known of the Puritans as well as their consideration of hot topic that are still items for controversy today such as hell – who would have known that Christopher Love (1618-1651) took on Rob Bell centuries before “Love Wins” ? I highly recommend it for anyone who is tired of the recycled pablum that passes for Christian thought today.


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  1. Looks good. If only I didn’t have stacks of books staring at me already.

    October 29, 2012 at 6:30 am

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