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Reporting the Death of “Anonymous”

Walt White is a missionary who works with a number of nations on a number of projects. Here’s an update worth thinking about:

“A hero for Christ has died.

Many times during my life, the world has wept when some “celebrity” that has lived a dysfunctional life died prematurely due to an overdose or some other preventable cause. A true hero has just died, no doubt of a heart attack. He was a close friend. His family will weep, and his friends will mourn and reminisce, but the world will utterly ignore his life and his death. His death will not be noted in the New York Times, or perhaps even in the local newspaper in his backwater corner of the world. His is a life that SHOULD be celebrated, but it will be overlooked except for a few. The world will never know his name, although heaven does, as it is no doubt written in the Book of Life.

He might have been an orphan or he might have had a powerful, rather wealthy family. He talked very little about them, either to protect himself, or to protect them from further shame because of the decision he made. Whether his family was dead or alive, he became dead to his immediate and extended family when he became a disciple of Jesus Christ and chose to follow Jesus as his Lord, his Savior. He soon developed a passion to introduce others to the Jesus that he loved. He was well educated in the religious background of his birth, and was extremely skilled in using that knowledge to help others come to faith in Jesus.

He had other gifts that amazed me too. He had traveled his country on a literature distribution team for several years as a young man. It seems that he remembered every single place that he ever had gone, and what’s more, he remembered the names of community or family leaders from each of those places! Many times I watched in awe as he met a person from another part of the country for the first time, and as soon as he identified where he was from, my friend established an instant rapport using that incredible memory to best advantage. He was a wonderful example of what can happen through a life lived passionately for Jesus. His heritage will live in the fine children that he fathered. But beyond that, the impact of his life will continue to multiply through those who came to know Jesus either directly from him or through those he touched. Perhaps no better tribute can be given to any disciple of Jesus Christ than the one that Stephen the Martyr gave to King David: “David, after he had served the purpose of God in his own generation, died…”

Thank you for your faithfulness in enabling me to serve the purpose for which God has called me, and may you too remain faithful to the purpose to which God has called you. With gratitude to God for untold numbers of anonymous citizens, yes, heroes of the Kingdom of God.”

Learn more about what Walt does at http://www.waltworldwide.org/


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