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Bah Humbug Awards (Deja Who?)

I know its the Christmas season ’cause every musician/singer with talent or no talent is trying to massacre Christmas songs in some sort of “new-creative-fresh approach” that end up more grotesque than over-boiled asparagus.  I’d rather listen to cats howling at midnight in a tin shed. My second “Bah Humbug Award” goes to all those singers who should have left well enough alone, such as:

Stevie Nicks (whose version of “Silent Night” does sound like cats howling in a tin shed)

Bob Seger (Little Drummer Boy?)

Lynrd Skynyrd (Santa Claus is Coming to Town!?)

James Taylor (Jingle Bells ?!?)

Ted Nugent (Deck the Halls !?!?)

and Willie Nelson, Guns N Roses, The Kinks, R.E.M., Queen and yes, even Father Guido Sarducci

The list goes on. To that I say,


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