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Banished Words for 2011

The local claim to fame is Lake State University‘s annual list of overused-misused-much abused-generally useless words of the English language. Here’s the 2011 of words which need a rest, vacation or retirement from everyday communication:

Viral – How about “bacterial”?

Epic – Is a  lot smaller now

Fail – Used to be a verb not a noun or an adjective.

Wow Factor -Wow!

A-Ha Moment – Get it?

Back Story – Used to be called “history”

BFF – to be replaced by “BFFA” (Best Friends For Awhile)

Man Up – Another case of ‘verbing’ a noun and ending with a preposition that goes nowhere.

Refudiate – Use restricted to politicians from Alaska who have no spell-check

Mama Grizzlies – This aint no Pooh Bear

The American People – Folks who think like me!

I’m Just Sayin’ – Then just say it!

FACEBOOK/GOOGLE as verbs – What’s next? I’m gonna “Amazon” a book?

LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST – An absurdity followed by a redundancy.



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