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Good Stuff From Lausanne

The first International Congress on World Evangelization was held in Lausanne, Switzerland in 1974 with the leadership of Billy Graham and 2,300 leaders from around the world. The third congress has been meeting in Cape Town this last week.

“The gospel is the power of God in Christ and through the Spirit. There is no whole gospel without the person, work and power of the Holy Spirit. He is the missionary Spirit of the missionary Father and the missionary Son, breathing life and power into God’s missionary church. Without the witness of the Spirit to Christ our witness is futile; without the conviction of the Spirit our preaching is in vain; without the power of the Spirit our mission is mere human effort; and without the fruit of the Spirit our unattractive lives bear no testimony to the beauty of the gospel. We pray for a greater awakening to this biblical truth and experienced reality in all parts of the worldwide body of Christ.”

(Reflections of the Lausanne Theology Working Group)


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