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“Slightly Imperfect”

Book worm that I am, browsing through the discounts at CBD, I came across these titles, marked down because of a blemish or imperfection. However, I was amused that the titles made for interesting interpretation when they were listed along with the words “slightly imperfect” added by the seller resulting in an unintended message than the author originally had intended:

“Let’s Learn about the Church & Celebrate Its Message – Slightly Imperfect” – Despite their best PR, never met a church yet that had it all wrapped up perfectly!

“Practical Bible Doctrine – Slightly Imperfect” – Well, contrary to what some folks think, no one’s doctrine is 100% error free!

“Redeemed from Poverty, Sickness, and Spiritual Death – Slightly Imperfect” – Besides those with an “over-realized eschatology”, our total redemption still awaits the eschaton!

“Promptings from Paradise – Slightly Imperfect” – Better weigh those promptings well by something other than one’s own subjectivity!

“What Are They Saying about the Ministerial Priesthood? – Slightly Imperfect” – Yes, we all have feet of clay

“God’s Word Made Plain – Slightly Imperfect” – Must not have read Warfield on perspicuity.

“Dictionary of Baptists in America – Slightly Imperfect” – Baptists not perfect? Some would be surprised!

“The Community of the Beautiful: A Theological Aesthetics – Slightly Imperfect” – Guess things aren’t as pretty as we thought!

Yes, most things, self included, are this side of eternity, “slightly imperfect.”


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