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“Armenian Golgotha”

I’ve been reading George Balakian’s “Armenian Golgotha” an amazing but sad eye witness account of the Turkish “jihad” against Armenians during WW1. Balakian was an Armenian Orthodox priest who survived to tell what he heard and saw. I have read a little before about the events there but did not realize that the “Sheikh-ul-Islam” of the Ottoman empire had issued a “fatwah” (decree) for “jihad” or holy war, licensing the destruction and plundering of Armenian communties as well as the intentional killing of  an estimated 1.5 million men, women and children by murder, rape or starvation. Since Turkey was allied with Germany in WW1, many historians see the Armenian genocide as a testing ground for Hitler’s “Final Solution” of the Jewish people of Europe during WW2. Today the history of what happened continues to be reviewed and revised (or danced around) by Turkish and American leaders and politicians lest sensitive alliances in the so called “war on terror” be strained to the breaking point. But genocide has not disappeared – it continues in places like Sudan and Burma. The results are the same.


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