Historically Used In an Exclusive Sense, This Blog Aims to Explore What God's Up To Inside & Outside the Institutional Church

Ex Libris – 2009

A few highlights of the more enjoyable personal reads for 2009 inlcuded Arnold Dallimore’s 2 volume biography of George Whitefield; Mark Mazower’s “Salonika” & Nechama Tec’s “Defiance-The Bielski Partisans. On the theological side, “The Westminster Confession of Faith and the Cessation of Special Revelation: The Majority Puritan Viewpoint on Whether Extra-Biblical Prophecy Is Still Possible” by G.H. Milne was an fascinating exploration of some lesser known Westminster divines’ views of God’s guidance.  “Christless Christianity” by Michael Horton , “Why We Love the Church” (DeYoung & Kluck) & Skye Jethani’s “The Divine Commodity” all examined the good, bad & ugly of the church today, the last 2 significant because the authors are young leaders and can’t be written off as old fogies. “Why Jonny Can’t Preach: The Media have Shaped the Messengers” by T. david Gordon was a spur to continue working on what happen’s very Sunday morning during sermon time. Still interested in grace and true community I read some of Larry Crabb’s older books –“The Pressure’s Off” and  “Connecting: Healing Ourselves & Our Relationships” and yes in honor of John Calvin’s 500th birthday I read Herman Selderhuis’ biography of him “A Pilgrim’s Life.

I am thankful for time, eyesight & a brain to read, the internet, the public library, e-catalogs and inter-library loan (and Amazon)! I certainly won’t turn down any kind & generous soul who would desire to contribute to my book fund for 2010!


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