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One of the Strangest Christmas Albums…

I find Christmas albums somewhat of a mixed bag. There’s a long list of old & current crooners (from Elvis & Johnny Cash to the Jackson Five) who have added some Christmas carols to their repertoire but often their vocal ability is not up to the task, the instrumentals added are so weird they distract or the need to be innovative twists the song into a grotesque deformity. In part I think this happens because many carols were meant to be sung by congregations of people who actually believed in what they were singing.

Bob Dylan has released “Christmas in the Heart” album. Its grand that the proceeds go to charity. However, given the dynamics of Dylan’s very famous voice, (what someone has called “O Little Town of Bethle-Phlegm”) the results are…strange & painful to listen to.

I find many Christian Christmas productions, like Third Day’s & Chris Tomlin equally unsatisfying. Just so I don’t let my inner Scrooge take over though,one worth noting is Matt Maher’s “Silent Night” (which has a nice addition for congregational worship) and his “Great Things” from his first album “Empty & Beautiful”

A light in the darkness still shines…other than that I’ll stick with Jonny Mathis.


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