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Real Bloodsuckers


I know times are hard. For some its downright desperate. Unfortunately, vampires are real – not the “Dracula” kind for Hallows Eve spooky time this Saturday but the kind that purposefully hope to separate fools and their money – like casinos that offer bucks for blood as enticement:

From the New Republic:

“Standish, Michigan – It’s two p.m. on a workday, and the casino parking lot is completely full. Hundreds of people have come for the $20 gambling coupons offered to those willing to donate blood. Turnout for the drive was ‘above and beyond’ expectations, says Frank Cloutier, a spokesman for the Saginaw Chippewa Indians, who run the 800-slot complex. The nurses are already turning people away two hours before closing, and they will soon run out of blood bags.

‘We get free money!’ one woman tells me, clutching her coupon as her friends nod in agreement. An older gentleman says with less enthusiasm that he only comes once or twice a year. ‘Just when I’m trying to help pay the light bill,’ he admits.”

Free money? Sad – However “gaming”  is packaged casinos, gambling, & lotteries are real bloodsuckers.

P.S. – The church can do more about this than curse the darknes…stay tuned


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