Historically Used In an Exclusive Sense, This Blog Aims to Explore What God's Up To Inside & Outside the Institutional Church

Hooey Check


hoo·ey: Pronunciation: \ˈhü-ē\ : nonsense, senseless talk, poppycock, hokum

Given the level of hysteria, rumors, misinformation, and looney, fringe ideas going mainstream (or is that mainstream going fringe?) particularly in some of  the Christian community regarding the nation, health care reform, the President, the Illuminati, black helicopters and the end of the world in general, I recommend Fact Check to check out the next email your receive concerning the grand conspiracy of whoever. At least please check it out before you forward that irritating email to me filled with hooey!

And you can learn about the Holiday Tree rumor there as well. Of course, I realize that Fact Check may also simply be part of the grand conspiracy, along with the little green men my neighbor says live in his sock drawer but you have to start somewhere to find the difference bewteen illusion and reality.


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