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How Sick Can Ya Get?

cartoon-health+drugindustryLast month I was informed that our family’s health insurance premiums were going up 28%. By no means is it anywhere near a Cadillac or “BMW” policy but only covers 2 doctor visits a year – a challenge with 3 kids.  This year a family member went for a routine exam. The exam showed something that needed further testing – $450 later out-of-pocket and close to $ 2,000 distributed to the hospital lab (for tests we have no control over) it turned out to be a simple infection that needed an antibiotic.  As the only employee of a non-profit organization, I currently have no real options to get a cheaper policy through a large employer.
Our medical system is sick itself and needs top to bottom change.  Another bloated government bureaucracy is not the answer but the economics are out of whack & the the magic genie of the market has demonstrated that it is not self-policing.
I hope that despite the hysteria and propaganda from the lunatic fringe and the vested interests that stoke it, sounder minds will come up with a saner solution than “business as usual.”  I find it hard to believe that in this nation with all its wealth of entrepreneurial wisdom something better hasn’t been created and implemented.  Interesting that Americans are going south to Mexico for affordable health care (“Patients Without Borders”). For an even more poignant point of view and thoughtful solution check out “How American Health Care Killed My Father”


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