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Where, O Where has My Niche Brand Gone?

clown1sl0Today, in post-modern consumer churchianity, we have a remarkable variety of brands & niches to market one’s own religious franchise, especially in regard to music tastes. Someone with a sense of humor akin to mine came up with a few extra options:
— Maranatha “Praise & Sway” Service
— Heavy Metal Worship Teen Time
— Contemplative Chant Circles & Candle Gazing
— Rustafarian Reggae and Rap “Rap-Ture” Sessions
— Pop Country Western Worship Roundup
— Soft Rock Glory Hour
— Smooth Jazz Prayer
— “Karaoke Kumbaya” Friendship Fellowship
— Hillbilly Hoe-down Hallelujah Hour
— “Barney & Friends” Toddler Praise Time
— Lawrence Welk “Senior Moment” Worship Service

Reggie Kidd in his book “With One Voice” sets us on a better course-

“When seen in the light of the person of Jesus, the church’s Lead Worshiper, our squabbles over how to do it right — which group’s aesthetic will be honored, and which group’s dishonored — take on their true measure: they are pathetically small-minded.

While we try to pare His song down to a manageable repertoire, He is expanding it. While we are doing market research to decide whom we want to reach and, therefore, to whose aesthetic tastes we want to pander, the Singing Savior is distributing His magnificent voice across an increasingly wide spectrum of musical idioms. While we are dividing congregations along age lines, He is blending the songs of generations and nations and families and tribes and tongues to make sweet harmony, precisely through the differences, to the Father.”


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