Historically Used In an Exclusive Sense, This Blog Aims to Explore What God's Up To Inside & Outside the Institutional Church

What Is A “Great” Church?


Today it seems a “great church” is increasingly defined by its religious goods & services. Depending on the generational demographic of the customer served, a “great church” may be defined as offering:  Quality Organ Music / A Hip Pastor with Great Teeth & Hair/ A Smokin’  Worship Band / Valet Parking/ High Octane Youth Group / More Boards & Committees Than Congress / Starbucks Coffee / A Plethora of Investments & Rainy Day Funds/ Plexiglas Pulpit  / Robed Choir/ Indoor Water Slide Baptistry / Professional Clergy / No Clergy.

In Acts 4 & 5 the apostolic church is defined as “great” yet the kind of greatness found there is in marked contrast to how it’s often defined today. The church is described as having “great power” (in giving witness to the reality of the Risen Jesus, 4:33), “great grace” (4:33), great generosity (4:34) & “great fear” (5:11). The greatness of this church was due not to their planning, programming, or implementation of big, audacious goals but to the greatness, power, generosity & awesomeness of the God at work in their midst and their response. What kind of “great” are you looking for?


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