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Who Would Jesus Torture?


Behind the hoopla about Michael Jackson, the recession depression and Judge Sonia there has been a slow but steady dribble of revelations regarding the Bush administrations use of torture, secret prisons, &  illegal eavesdropping under the direction of VP Cheney. The US reputation has been grossly tarnished as  our leaders  traded the Geneva Convention for the ethics of Jack Bauer on “24” – this should be a matter of concern for all citizens especially for those of the Christian faith. Will we ever know what really happened to people classified as terrorists? We  have little basis to lecture Iran or Israel or other countries that do the same – even those who torture fellow believers in Jesus.

“A government decided to execute a prisoner who threatened its control of a region. It did not just kill the man, but selected, as usual, a means calculated to do the most pain and prolong the suffering. His torturous death is recorded in the Gospels and should give every Christian pause in supporting any form of torture. Torturing any man, even the most base, may not elevate the victim, as it did with the Son of God, but it almost certainly debases the torturer to the level of the Romans who killed Him.

Torture of any human being is incompatible with the Christian faith.”

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