Historically Used In an Exclusive Sense, This Blog Aims to Explore What God's Up To Inside & Outside the Institutional Church

Rick in the Public Square


Poor Rick Warren. Mega-church pastor, best-selling author, and Hawaiian shirt clad lightning rod for anyone with a gripe – heretic to those who disagree with his methodology or theology; covert conservative fiend to the gay lobby; Southern Baptist totalitarian threat to the barbed wire & concrete “Berlin wall” of Jeffersonian church /state segregationists; shameless compromiser to fellow big name Christian leaders who are chewing sour grapes over the results of the last election; and secret envy of any brand name church marketer who would die for a chance to do the inaugural prayer on Jan. 20th.

Does such involvement mean endorsement? As one of my favorite theologians, Bugs Bunny said “Hmmm…could be.” But not necessarily. Its happened before – Nixon’s crimes and  Billy Graham’s visits during Watergate; Clinton’s sins &  Bill Hybel’s invitation to Willow Creek; John Owen with Cromwell’s army in the brutal and disastrous Ireland campaign. What I do know is that prayer is required for our leaders and our country.  Being a pastor, I know Rick also needs  more prayer and less venom from christian sour- pusses as he walks through this mine-field with a target on his Hawaiian shirt -clad back.


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