Historically Used In an Exclusive Sense, This Blog Aims to Explore What God's Up To Inside & Outside the Institutional Church

“The Right Mistake”

book-stackSome may think that clergy types spend all their reading time (if they read) perusing the latest on church growth or the most current hot trend. I’ve always enjoyed reading theology that for the most part dates before the 1800’s (with some exceptions like Pannenberg & Moltmann) but I also enjoy good fiction. Of course these days what that means is often in the eye of the reader or the latest best seller list. Most supposed “christian” fiction is neither christian or quality fiction. A few of my favorites include mystery novelist Michael Connelly (Detective Bosch), Michael Dibdin (Aurelio Zen series) and Walter Mosley. I just finished Mosley’s latest “The Right Mistake”  with ex-con character Socrates Fortlow. While not for the faint of heart with gritty street language and some R rated scenes, Fortlow is a man looking to get on the right path in life and who finds it by helping a young boy get off the streets go straight and developing a group to discuss the big stuff of life. The group grows from hostile strangers to a supportive community. While certainly idealisitic, it is a wonderful picture of “koinonia” or fellowship that few churches experience. Even though the words are not used, Fortlow finds both grace and redemption but he finds it beyond the traditional structures and souces of where we expect to find them.


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