Historically Used In an Exclusive Sense, This Blog Aims to Explore What God's Up To Inside & Outside the Institutional Church

Surviving Nov. 4th

butterOk, I voted. No heavenly revelations, no apocalyptic epiphanies, no angelic encounters, no thunderbolts from the 3rd heavens. Many Christian leaders on both the Right & the Left have been very outspoken about their views and who I should vote for. Some have even resorted to threats of divine retribution if I didn’t vote for the candidate God told them was the one to vote for (I must have missed that memo). But like most decisions in life and faith, the farther removed a decision is from revealed truth (such as an explicit command of scripture) the more the process of personal study, analysis, reflection, prayer and godly wisdom is required. Unfortunately, the farther removed such decisions are from explicit texts the more dogmatic some leaders are. But when they end up commanding and threatening others on such issues and decisions it not only is a misuse and abuse of authority it also shows how much they do not actually hear God’s voice but confuse their own prejudice and convictions for the Almighty’s. And then to speak as if the Almighty had spoken is (how can I say this?) presumptuous as well as a tad ridiculous. Worst of all, it violates the freedom of conscience and responsibility of decision making of those who look to them for leadership. Ultimately, thinking, voting or living – its no one else’s responsibility but our own.


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